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Fargo Support tips for use on their printers.

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How To Set Printer Driver Settings for Barcode Printing on Fargo ID Card Printers

When printing barcodes on a ID card, it is necessary to ensure that they are being printed using the K (black resin) panel on the print ribbon. The following steps explain how to force the printer to use the K panel when printing a barcode.

On the PC from which you are printing, click Start, then Devices and Printers. You may not have these exact choices depending on your installation of Windows. You may need to open the Control Panel and select Printers.

In the Devices and Printers page, Right Click on the driver for your printer and select Printing Preferences from the drop-down list.

On the Card tab, select the correct Orientation that matches your card design.

Setting Up Printer Driver Settings for Barcode Printing on Fargo ID Card Printers

Select the K Panel Resin tab. Then check the box for Defined Area(s). If the barcode is being printed on a white background, check the “Print K Only” button.

Setting Up Printer Driver Settings for Barcode Printing on Fargo ID Card Printers

On the card diagram, locate the small black square in the lower left corner and place you mouse cursor on the upper left corner, Left Click and Drag the corner to stretch the black box to a size that is slightly larger than the area required for the barcode.

Setting Up Printer Driver Settings for Barcode Printing on Fargo ID Card Printers

Place the mouse cursor on the center of the defined black area, the defined area to the location on the card where the barcode is being printed. This completes the setup for printing the barcode with the black resin ribbon panel. Click OK to exit the printing preferences.

Setting Up Printer Driver Settings for Barcode Printing on Fargo ID Card Printers

If the barcode is being printed on a colored background choose “Print YMC under K”.
If the barcode is being printed on a white background choose “Print K Only”.

Additional Tips:
Make sure that you select Front or Back at the top of the K Panel Resin page. Also select the radio button at the bottom for Print K Only.

Another thing to check is the color print ribbon. Back it up a bit and examine the used ribbon panels. You should be able to see the barcode image on the black panel. If Print K Only was selected you should not see the barcode image on the color panels (if print YMC under K is selected you would see the barcode image on the color and black panels.

Also, if the K Panel Resin setup was done after the software program was started, the program may not be aware of the changes. Many programs will read the driver settings when the program is started and make a copy thereof and use that copy when printing (which will override the driver settings on the PC). The program may never check to see if you have made changes after it was started. If this is the case, on most programs you can go to where you select the printer to which you are going to print and there will be a Properties button that will lead to the Printing Preferences (the copy that the software made of the origin). You can set the K Panel Resin there and then the software knows you have made the changes. Another option is to simply restart the software and let it pick up the driver changes that were made in the Driver settings.

Instructions For Installing A Fargo Card Printer On A Windows Computer AFTER Failing To Read The Install Instructions Before Connecting The USB Cable

When the USB cable is connected prior to starting the driver install, Windows will assign the printer to a generic device driver and it will be listed as an Unknown or Unspecified device in the Devices and Printers window. Anytime thereafter Windows will recognize the printer based on its serial number and reassign it to the generic driver.
(This will probably work on a Windows Vista/7/8/10 32/64 bit)

Open the Devices and Printers window. (Click the Windows “Start” button and select “Device and Printers”). The Device and Printers window will look something like the following image. Note that the Printer is listed in the Printers and Faxes section. This indicates that the card printer has been successful installed. Note that the card printer is listed in the Unspecified section, indicating that the driver was not successfully installed.

Windows Devices and Drivers Window

Right click on the Card Printer icon in the Unspecified section and select “Properties”

Device Properties window

In the Printer Properties window, click the “Change Settings” button in the lower left corner.

Device Properties window

In the Change Settings screen, click the “Update Driver” button.

Driver Details Tab

Then select the “Browse my computer for driver software”

Browse Window

Select “Let me pick from a list of devices on my computer” and then click the “Next” button.

Browse Window

Scroll down the list of device types and choose “Printers”

Driver Selection window

On the left select “Fargo Electronics Inc.”, On the right select your card printer. Then click the “Next” button.

Driver Selection window

In the Update Driver Warning window, click the “Yes” button.

Driver Update warning.

When the following window appears click the “Close” button.

Driver Settings window

Open the Devices and Printers window and notice that there is an additional icon for your card printer named “(printer name) Card Printer (Copy 1)” This printer instance will print to your card printer. Notice also the Unspecified section of the Devices and Printers is no longer displayed.

Devices and Printers window

Right click on the “(printer name) Card Printer (Copy 1)” icon and select Printer Properties from the list.

Devices and Printers window

In the Printer Properties window you can rename the printer to “(printer name) Card Printer” (type the new name in the top text box, (highlighted in blue)).

Devices and Printers window

The printer icon is now displayed in the Devices and Printers

Printer Icon

Next in the Devices and Printers window, Right Click on the Card Printer icon and select “Remove device”

Printer Icon menu

Click Yes to remove the card printer.

Decision window

Your card printer is now ready to print.

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