500x-iclass-seosHID Global’s iCLASS SEOS contactless smart cards give you the ability to carry dual identities in a single card, offering a true one card solution for physical and logical access control applications. These cards can be programmed to work immediately for opening doors as well as accessing IT resources since they are specifically made to support other applications, including One-Time Password authentication (OTP) for network login.

iCLASS SEOS badges are ideal for organizations with rigorous security requirements for their credential solution, as well as enterprise and government organizations looking for a cost-effective solution. These secure ID cards deliver superior data integrity and privacy protection by using the latest cryptographic algorithms. These credentials also use a secure messaging protocol for the purpose of protecting data transmission with the off-card applications providing strong authentication mechanisms to protect the communications between card and reader.

iCLASS SEOS cards also include a standards-based application that offers a universal card command interface. The solution also supports an ISO/IEC 7816-4 command set and data model that defines the supported interfaces between an iCLASS SEOS card and the reader. iCLASS SEOS cards provide trusted management of secure identities within HID Global’s iCLASS SE platform that is based on its Secure Identity Object (SIO) data model. The iCLASS SE platform manages the secure distribution and life span of credentials.

iCLASS SEOS supports multiple SIOs carried on a single credential/device to secure PACS (along with any other application data). This enables applications to provide individual protected data sets for the identities in each application. For migration purposes, the credential is available as multi-technology card that combines 125 KHz Proximity and a high frequency SEOS contactless microprocessor.

Please Note: iCLASS Seos Cards can NOT be hole punched.

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