For two decades, our team at ADVANTIDGE has brought greater peace of mind to organizations seeking secure credential solutions. Part of the confidence we deliver comes with trusting that we will keep our clients informed when the leading technology we offer has become outdated and insecure. 

We take a proactive approach in managing the product lifecycle process for the industry’s leading manufacturers. This helps our clients easily select the right solution for their unique applications before their systems become obsolete or allow for vulnerabilities. 

Proactivity also creates greater efficiencies and helps us to deliver on our commitment to help you find a better way. 

For years, we have been communicating the importance to transition away from insecure legacy technologies like low-frequency prox. In order to develop more effective credential solutions and phase out less secure ones, HID will be discontinuing selected models of some of the flagship iCLASS SE and multiCLASS SE reader options.

To maintain secure premises, secure credentials need to be issued and more secure readers need to be installed. 

We strongly encourage all of our clients with the following reader options to begin a timely transition to HID Signo, the new signature line of access control readers from HID Global. 

Summary of the iCLASS SE & multiCLASS SE reader options being discontinued:

Please contact us for exceptions to specific 13.56 Mhz configurations that will remain available including custom programming and support for PKI-Based FIPS 201 Credentials including PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC, TWIC and FRA.

Timeline for End of Life: March 31, 2022

You can refer to HID Global Product Lifecycle Process for definitions and implications of “End of Sales” and “Final Scheduled Ship” dates.

** Even after the End of Life Date, the lifetime warranty on iCLASS SE and multiclass SE reader models mentioned above will remain valid under the terms of the HID Global General Warranty Policy 

To help ease the transition, we are offering a promotion with equivalent HID Signo readers until September 30, 2021.

We are here to help you feel confident about your security solutions. If you have questions about the end of sales announcement, the new HID Signo promotion or how to find a new replacement HID Signo part number, please contact us or request a consultation.