The Best Just Got Better with HDP6600 Lamination

We voted the FARGO® HDP6600 as the best ID card printer for 2020. Its hi-res print quality is not mutually exclusive to its speedy throughput, issuing up to 230 beautiful, full-color ID cards per hour—that’s one card every 16 seconds—without a hitch. 

Yet prior to Winter 2019, the HDP6600 lamination module had yet to be released. So when our clients required a durable laminated ID card made to last, we recommended earlier models that lacked the speed and resolution of the HDP6600. 

When the HDP6600 Lamination Modules arrived at our facility last month, we couldn’t be more pleased. Here are the features we love…

Durability + Speed = HDP6600 with Lamination

A more durable card does not have to come at the expense of speed. HID’s iON™ technology boasts unparalleled printer readiness, so your first printed card of the day takes no more than 60 seconds to begin. 

The result is a durable, edge-to-edge laminated ID card that looks great and requires less than a minute to produce. It will outlast ongoing wear and tear, even by the most active cardholders. 

In addition, the HDP6600 lamination add-on actually cuts lamination consumable costs by as much as 40 percent for organizations that laminate in high volumes. 

Wasteless Lamination Supports a More Environmentally-Friendly ID Card 

Traditionally, lamination processes do not meet environmental responsibility standards. Aware of the need for a more environmentally friendly ID card printing process, HID developed a wasteless solution. 

Traditional lamination models use two cores and an underlying carrier film to support and “carry” overlaminates through a lamination cycle. 

This produces waste as well as costs associated with the building and assembling of these additional materials. 

Because of the wasteless lamination consumables, the HDP6600 lamination module meets rigorous environmental standards, creating a more green ID card issuance process overall.

Plug and play…

The HID FARGO HDP6600 Lamination Module is field-upgradeable, meaning users can easily install the module onsite. 

If you are ready for a better way with an environmentally responsible and fast solution for your ID card printing requirements, please contact us

Request a demo, or a quote for the HDP6600 printer and/or lamination module today. We will help you find a better way.