Government Contractor


After researching off-the-shelf solutions in the market, a government logistics contractor (SDVOSB*) turned to ADVANTIDGE as the experts to design and deliver a turnkey identification and tracking system. This customized system was needed at military bases around the world to track employees, contractors, military family members, and third-party nationals at a local level with instant access to reporting for safety and security. 


This large government contractor provides innovative product and supply solutions for the U.S. military, federal law enforcement, and first responders. 

When the US Air Force inquired about their ability to provide a secure, customized solution for a mobile identification system at military bases around the world, they called ADVANTIDGE for expertise in identity management solutions. 

From the start it was clear that nothing existed as an exact match to what the end user was requested. This comprehensive system was needed to manage who is authorized to come onto military bases, provide easy access to appropriate groups at the correct schedule, and to track attendance so they know who is onsite at all times.

With military bases being a 24/7 operation, they knew they would need the ability to issue personalized ID badges upon arrival using a tried and tested solution, then then ramp up with tracking capabilities as each site went live. 


Through our consultative approach, the ADVANTIDGE team discovered the most critical elements along with a wish list from the end user in a series of coordinated meetings. Over the course of several months and multiple presentations, our process led us to recommended custom turnkey Pelican kits that included pre-configured laptops ready to power up and start production of secure ID badges onsite. In addition, each kit included ruggedized scanners and a wireless gateway allowing for streamlined management of the database and access schedules. 

To ensure security, ADVANTIDGE provided custom hologram badges with military-approved designs for different group types including military contractors and third-party nationals. Card templates were designed, databases configured and test cards run through each kit so they could hit the ground running. 

For a smooth onboarding process after implementation, ADVANTIDGE included customized training based on operator level, built out a step-by-step user guide, and a multi-level annual support plan to ensure they had instant access to expertise regardless of personnel changes.  


Over a 6 month period from the initial request, ADVANTIDGE built out a roadmap and designed the complete solution approved by the military for implementation across the globe. This included two kits designated for each site, one live and one complete backup in case of emergency, knowing that these sites “can’t afford to be down”. 

With a custom support plan in place, the government contractor’s team was trained to provide help desk assistance to their client around the globe with access to our expert technical support service upon request. 

Most importantly, ADVANTIDGE helped this client deliver on their promise and was honored to serve those who serve our country.

*Service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses

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