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Evolis designs, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of printing systems and plastic card personalization solutions. Evolis' goal is to make plastic card printing widely available, offering cost-effective solutions for printing high-quality cards easily, quickly and on the spot.

Evolis’ commitment to quality aligns with our promise to provide our clients with the latest and greatest products across the security spectrum. ADVANTIDGE is proud to offer the comprehensive range of Evolis ID card system solutions for graphic, magnetic and electronic personalization of plastic ID cards. Learn more about our trusted and proven identity management solutions by contacting us today. Ready to learn how we can help you find a better way?

ADVANTIDGE is a certified repair center providing expert repairs and technical support. You can also access self service support for Evolis products.

ADVANTIDGE is accredited and certified as a Platinum Partner with Evolis. Buying from an Evolis Accredited Platinum Partner means you can purchase products, solutions, service and support with the utmost confidence.
Certified as a Platinum reseller, your Evolis Accredited Partner offers the highest level of service and expertise and will:

• Guarantee product delivery in a timely manner
• Provide you with best-in-class commercial service including product demonstrations with printers and software
• Offer advanced technical support through a service helpdesk
• Supply a Services offer


Our value is created through dialogue—asking smart questions, listening, understanding, and offering expert advice. We only recommend solutions that suit you, meeting the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

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Our brand partners trust us to deliver the right solutions for our clients' specific applications. With decades of combined industry knowledge, they know we will only recommend the best products for optimal outcomes.

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Our mission is to find a better way. We are natural learners and strategic thinkers, continually exploring innovative and proven technologies to find solutions for our clients' most complex security challenges.


Photography Company Triples Efficiency Printing Thousands of Student ID Cards

A Los Angeles based photography company experienced delays while printing ID cards for hundreds, sometimes thousands of students per day. Our experts at ADVANTDIGE were able to solve their need for speed without compromising quality.


Evolis Spare Parts Discontinued For Legacy Card Printers

Pebble4, Dualys3, QB10 and Tattoo2 printers have been withdrawn from the market for several years now, and their spare parts will be withdrawn shortly. Their commercialization officially ended 2018 so be sure to place any orders prior to this date.