ID Card Security FeaturesWhen it comes to security features on ID cards and other identity credentials, it’s often the holograms and ultra-violet inks that get a lot of the glory. But adding embedded ID card security features into the advanced card materials that make up the card itself can go a long way toward confounding counterfeiters.

Identity credentials include security features that fit into three different categories: overt, covert and forensic.

Embedding ID card security features into advanced card material substrate can go a long way to improving the security of the credential by making it more difficult to counterfeit. Having unique materials lessens “raises the bar” for counterfeiters. Teslin, for example, is a paper-like substrate that can add durability to a credential and enable inclusion of secure printing and other security elements. Teslin can be printed with different ultra violet or infrared security elements that are unique to an issuer. These are dots and particles that will give a visible response to infra red or ultra violet light.

These types of powerful security options are commonly used in electronic passports, national IDs and driver licenses, but their use is also ideal for smaller issuers with high security needs. But the difference comes when you add data to the documents. With PVC and polyester composite cards, the data is added to the core of the card and then protected with a laminate. Security features like holograms can be added to each of these layers but it adds complexity and cost to the credential.

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