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Security lapses on school campuses are a real threat and a growing problem in today’s world. Improve security at your school by updating the visitor sign-in process, which often fails to provide sufficient visitor identity information, and replace it with an automated ID card scanning solution. Ensure that along with the visitor’s name, date and time of entry, you also have their address, drivers license number and basic physical description in your system. With a drivers license scanner added to your school security system software you can do just that. Additionally, watch list integration can check each visitor against a national or internal database to make it less likely that known high-risk and dangerous persons gain entry to your facilities.

Is your school using antiquated paper attendance tracking and manual visitor log books? In addition to increasing safety, modern attendance tracking software can save time and money for teachers and schools alike. Using the existing staff and student ID cards on use on your campus, upgrade your school tracking system by incorporating magnetic stripe, barcode reader or proximity smart card technologies. Attendance tracking software increase accuracy with immediate transmission to a central location, offering the ability to quickly compile attendance data from which you can learn if certain classes routinely struggle with attendance problems, and which students if any, are frequently tardy to class or absent. The data can be as individualized or campus-wide as you’d like, so you can learn about developing or potential problems before it’s too late. Depending on your school’s policy you can also automatically notify parents, print tardy notices and issue warnings.

Schools and Educational institutions can save money by using a single photo ID card to serve a multitude of applications. Student ID cards serve first and foremost as a form of identification, but can also be used for school food service account management, access to computers and technology facilities, secure access control and for tracking student activity and attendance.

With an onsite photo ID system student, faculty, staff and visitor IDs can be produced on-demand using photo ID printers, with very little wait time. Students can have their photos taken and receive their printed ID cards within minutes—without involving an outside vendor and the time and cost involved in dealing with one.High School Student School ID Card

Plastic ID bagdes serve to visually identify students, staff and visitors at a glance. There are countless techniques for adding visual verification and security to your school photo ID cards.

A basic level of security can be incorporated into your ID cards simply within the ID card design, but rather than just putting a photo on a plain white background, a practice which can easily be replicated fraudulently, consider using custom imagery or holographic ID card overlaminates on your personalized ID cards.

To further easily distinguish between students, faculty and other staff, incorporate a color-coding system into your card design, and be sure to use self-expiring temporary visitor badges for campus visitors. These temporary ID cards cannot be reused after the day for which they have been issued, and visually show to be expired after their approved allotted time (1 hour, 1 week, 1 month, etc..).

Multi-use ID cards such as magnetic name badges and those with a printed barcode can be used to manage your school lunch program as well as library ID card check-out system.

Any form of readable technology on a student ID card can store such student information as emergency contact information, medical history (medications or allergies), and lunch account balances. With multi-use student ID cards can track student attendance as well as transaction data reports from school cafeteria purchases.

School ID Card

School lunch programs can be automated using encoded technology on student ID cards to store student account numbers. When a lunch is “purchased” and an ID card swiped through a card reader, the dollar amount of the lunch is deducted from the card account balance. A magnetic stripe reader such as a scanner or swiper would be used with a magnetic stripe card. In addition to lunch account management, a magnetic stripe can also be used for authorized entrance into to school activities, making healthy vending machine purchases, and making activities fee payments.

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