EasyLobby is now owned by HID Global, one of the most recognized and respected players in the security industry.

EasyLobby is happy to announce a new partnership with HID Global. HID is an industry leader that has consistently enhanced customer value by delivering the most trusted, advanced and dependable secure identity solutions and ID card printers in the market.

With the new partnership EasyLobby will continue to provide industry-leading affordable, feature-rich, customizable, and easy to use visitor management solutions for your ID card systems. EasyLobby’s visitor management software is a great fit with HID’s secure identity solutions, and combining these 2 synergies will create an even richer ID card product experience for you.


Primary Children’s Medical Center Uses Sex Offender Screening with EasyLobby Software

(Associated Press) A Salt Lake City hospital is using EasyLobby visitor management to determine whether registered sex offenders are attempting to enter the building.

Primary Children’s Medical Center first implemented EasyLobby in June, 2012. Since then about 60,000 people have been screened. Nine were flagged as offenders.

“We’re living in a vulnerable society these days,” said Mike Creason, assistant administrator of facility management at Primary Children’s. “This gives us that layer of security.”

The hospital does allow parents or guardians tapped as offenders to visit their children, but requires the visits to occur either in the child’s room or public areas. Nursing supervisors also are notified of the visitor’s status.


Employee Self-Service Kiosk

EasyLobby has developed a new Employee Self-Service Kiosk feature in the self registration portion of EasyLobby SVM 10.0 software. This feature allows customers to use a kiosk to print and issue prox cards for employees who have lost or forgotten their ID cards and also to issue a card for new employees.

The employee must authenticate by entering their Active Directory credentials at the kiosk, and these credentials are authenticated live against the Active Directory. Once authenticated, the employee taps the appropriate button. A new ID card is then printed on a hard ID card printer such as the Fargo DTC1000, and the prox card number is captured by an OMNIKEY card reader embedded in the printer.

This feature is then integrated with the EasyLobby access control integration module so that the newly issued ID card is added to the permanent cardholder record in the access control system. The card is immediately activated with all the privileges of the employee’s normal card.


EasyLobby Featured in Security Sales & Integration

EasyLobby recently authored an article in industry publication Security Sales & Integration titled “Round Out Your Line With Visitor Management.”

Targeted at security dealers and integrators who might not currently be carrying visitor management as part of their product line, the ‘how-to’ story explains the value of providing this solution as part of a total product mix.

A few of the topics discussed include the integration of visitor management with access control systems, how easy it is to use and install visitor software, the importance of screening unwanted visitors using watch lists, and the ability to use visitor registration in a free standing kiosk to allow guests to self-register.

The piece concludes, “The good thing about visitor management software is that it is appropriate for just about every environment from small to large.”

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