Easylobby solo visitor management softwareFor expanded support of your credentials, we are proud to offer HID visitor management software named EasyLobby. This software makes visitor registration easy and painless by allowing companies to switch from a traditional guest book to this software without the requirement of new front desk employees. In addition to facilitating a more professional image, organizations are able to increase security for visitors and employees by better managing who is entering and leaving the premises. EasyLobby visitor management software provides easy registration and check-in along with visitor activity reports that are simple to generate, to satisfy compliance/audit requirements. Also, internal watch lists can be used to stop unwanted visitors at the door keeping employees and other visitors more safe and secure.

Visitor management software integrates perfectly with ID badge systems by expanding the functionality to track movement with visitor identification badges. The software is similar to other ID tracking software with multiple support options for your application.

Key Benefits:


ADVANTIDGE offers a wide variety of identity management solutions for your visitor management or credential issuance. From card printers and supplies to custom badge accessories, we provide complete solutions to brand your organization through your staff. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your identification goals.