Comparing ID Card Printing MethodsThe first basic question that is fielded by our sales representatives and support staff is: what is the difference between Direct-to-Card Printing and Re-Transfer Printing? The final products look similar, so to answer this question let’s take a look at the technology behind these two types of ID card printing, and what it means to a consumer.

Direct-to-card (DTC) printers has been around for quite a long time, much longer than re-transfer printers. It is the most common technology used by photo ID card systems to print images directly onto the surface of a plastic card. The ID card printer does this by heating a special print ribbon beneath a thermal print-head, one color at a time using a variation of a YMCK ribbon, resulting in the transfer of color from the ribbon directly to a blank card. It is considered to be quite reliable, and is often times cheaper than re-transfer ID card printing.

Re-Transfer printing, also known as Reverse Transfer printing, is a two-step process that transfers your image to a film before applying it to the card. First, the image is printed in reverse directly onto a clear layer of film. Next, the print-head heats up and bonds the imaged film to the card’s surface by applying heat and pressure. The two step re-transfer process creates a true over the edge (no white space around the edge) high quality image on PVC cards and other card types. These types of printers are generally more expensive than direct-to-card  printing, but produce high quality prints.

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