ADVANTIDGE supports multiple MFA solutions including HID DigitalPersona to provide authentication services to users. Whereas traditional 2FA/MFA solutions are stuck on “what you have/what you know”, DigitalPersona leverages an array of easily deployable authentication methods so users can quickly and easily gain access to their network resources. Balancing security and usability, this solution employs one of the widest arrays of authentication factors in the industry. This includes one-time passwords, mobile-based push, smartcards, USB keys, risk- and context-based methods, and biometrics, such as fingerprint, face, and behavioral keystroke.

Key Features of DigitalPersona:

DigitalPersona® transforms the way IT executives protect the integrity of the digital organization by going beyond traditional two-factor and multi-factor authentication. With DigitalPersona Premium, IT can build on the fast and secure Windows® Logon and VPN access found in DigitalPersona Logon for Windows, adding advanced integration options to secure all applications, systems and networks. Additional client and server components included in Premium are SSO (SAML), Access Management API and Password Manager modules. Premium offers the ability to deploy the optimal set of authentication factors for every user, application, device and network — moment by moment. It accomplishes this while uniquely serving IT through unparalleled ease of integration and ongoing maintenance.

ADVANTIDGE offers a wide variety of security solutions that use encrypted RFID cards with HID iClass SEOS for access control, computer logon, in addition to card printer systems, or other visitor management devices. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your security identification goals. For specific information on MFA solutions please contact us.