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Entrust Datacard’s desktop ID card printer solutions represent the ultimate identity platform. Datacard™ offers employee and visitor ID solutions to meet a full range of requirements, from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials that leverage smart cards and other advanced technologies. Expect easy operation, proven performance and cost-effective results.

Datacard employs an ISO-registered Quality Management System, ensuring their SD series products and services meet the most demanding standards in the industry with direct-to-card and retransfer printers

ADVANTIDGE aligns with Entrust Datacard’s commitment to excellence, which is why we offer their identity management products to our clients across multiple industries. With our consultative approach, decades of experience, and access to the latest and greatest products across the security spectrum, we are certain we can deliver confidence in your identity management solutions today.

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Identify everyone who enters your building or steps on your campus with secure badge issuance. Rely on us to find the right set of software, hardware and tech services, so your team has the confidence to keep things safe.


Our value is created through dialogue—asking smart questions, listening, understanding, and offering expert advice. We only recommend solutions that suit you, meeting the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

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Our brand partners trust us to deliver the right solutions for our clients' specific applications. With decades of combined industry knowledge, they know we will only recommend the best products for optimal outcomes.


Staffing Agency Installs ID System For Onsite Issuance of Employee ID Cards

A local staffing agency came to ADVANTIDGE needing a solution for tracking hundreds of employees across many different job locations. Our team learned that they needed to be able to print ID cards onsite and to issue cards quickly so that new hires could report to work...


5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Legacy ID System

Determining when to upgrade a legacy ID system can be a challenge while meeting the demands of modern business. How can you determine when to prioritize an upgrade before your system becomes inoperable? At ADVANTIDGE, we give our clients peace of mind, knowing they’ve made the best choice at the right time.