Visitor Management

Do you know who will be visiting your facility or campus today? How long will they spend in your building or where they are supposed to be? Are they still authorized to be there? How you manage your day to day visitors depends on the unique needs of your organization, and no two organizations are exactly alike. With ADVANTIDGE, meeting your people management requirements begins with our consultative approach, asking smart questions so that we can determine the right solution for you. Whether you need a contactless process, self service kiosks, online registration and host notifications, on premise or in the cloud, we are ready to assist.

Trusted & Proven

Major organizations across the nation trust us to deliver reliable identity management for the most complex requirements. Working in a consultative capacity, we ask smart questions to understand our clients' unique processes to deliver a winning solution

Finding a Better Way

We work with top brand partners who develop the world's most innovative solutions in identity issuance, visitor management, and access control. As natural learners and strategic thinkers, we are always up-to-the-minute on the latest and greatest products across the security spectrum.

Consultative Approach

No two organizations have the exact same security requirements. Our team works closely with our clients to determine the best identity management system for their unique processes. The result is a custom-tailored solution that meets the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

What We Offer

Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software improves security by enabling organizations to identify exactly who is in their facilities. In addition, visitor management software enhances professionalism by streamlining the visitor check-in process and providing high-quality visitor badges.

Basic visitor management software facilitates visitor registration and recording, issuance of visitor badges, check-in and check-out, data collection, and custom badge design.

Integrating more advanced software can enable basic features plus ID scanning, record creation, watch list screening, and email notification, among other features.

Complete Visitor Management Systems

From simple visual identification and badge accessories to electronic visitor management systems, self-serve automated kiosks and other sophisticated technologies, visitor management solutions from ADVANTIDGE help safeguard your people and property, create a record of who is on your premises and make a powerful first impression with guests.

Visitor Management Accessories

Our team will equip you from beginning to end, making sure you have the accessories you need to effectively track and identify visiting guests and contractors. 

To get started with the right visitor management solution for you, contact us today. Let our team of experts help you meet the needs of today while planning for tomorrow. 


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