Event Management

Our team has supported events managers, sports teams, stadiums, concert venues, music festivals and more in determining the best solution for their unique requirements. Contact us today to work with an expert to find the right solution for your next event. The ADVANTIDGE events management solution offers full customizability, low waste and cost efficiency via a system that is easy to transport between locations.

Trusted & Proven

More than 300 events management and sporting organizations have trusted us with their most complex identity requirements. These ongoing relationships continue to work with our team for impactful solutions that deliver streamlined efficiency, control and security.

Finding a Better Way

We work with top manufacturers who develop the world's most innovative solutions in identity issuance, visitor management, and access control. As natural learners and strategic thinkers, we always up-to-the-minute on the latest and greatest products across the security spectrum.

Confidence Delivered

Professionals responsible for the organization and safety of large groups of people cannot take unnecessary risks. Our award-winning solutions ensure your peace of mind knowing that 40 years of combined expertise has your best interest at the forefront of their service.

Event Management Custom Solutions

Easy Readability

Create beautiful edge-to-edge card designs with graphics, text, barcodes and images, then, produce those cards on demand with the 300 dpi printing capability.

Fully Customizable, On-Demand Credentials

Create full-size card designs without the need to measure sections of the card for template design creation and printing. Make card design changes right up to event time—no need to pre-order cards. Capture guest photos at the point of entry and print customized, edge-to-edge cards on the spot.

Efficient and Easy Maintenance 

Custom supply kits create simplicity and minimize waste. Our full solution is designed for mobility requirements for most events managers—its compact design making it easy to transport.


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