Emergency Management

At ADVANTIDGE, our team of experts have supported organizations and government agencies during the most dire of crises. Our company was founded in May 2001, four months before the most notable terrorist attack in modern U.S. history. When the World Trade Center was struck on September 11, our team worked around the clock to help secure Los Angeles International Airport—successfully badging more than 45,000 airport personnel in two weeks. We work just as hard today for every one of our clients, big or small, without exception.

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Major organizations across the nation trust us to deliver reliable identity management for the most complex requirements. Working in a consultative capacity, we ask smart questions to understand our clients' unique processes to deliver a winning solution.

Finding a Better Way

We work with top brand partners who develop the world's most innovative solutions in identity issuance, visitor management, and access control. As natural learners and strategic thinkers, we are always up-to-the-minute on the latest and greatest products across the security spectrum.

Consultative Approach

No two organizations have the exact same security requirements. Our team works closely with our clients to determine the best identity management system for their unique processes. The result is a custom-tailored solution that meets the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

Protect, Organize, Maintain Order

Within the chaos and uncertainty of unexpected emergency situations, maximize order with an emergency management ID card tracking solution, which provides support and order with the credentialing and scanning of identification cards in an ID card system that can open up communications over multiple sites or workstations, and between multiple agencies with centralized data management and security parameters.

Color-coded ID badges can be utilized to differentiate between agencies and persons and their tasks and responsibilities. When specific ID badges with specialized ID card designs are used in emergency situations they can help everyone present, by making it easier to identify and find the persons who can help those in need. Pair oversized and regular-sized emergency ID badges with custom printed ID neck lanyards which can further identify personnel with custom text printed on the lanyard fabric. ID neck lanyards keep ID badges secure and the hands-free to perform important tasks.

ID card printer transport cases protect emergency management system ID card printers in their travels to, from and throughout disaster sites. ID card printer transport cases protect ID card printers from the hazards of spills, water, dust, smoke, animal hair and other corrosive environmental contaminants they may come into contact with during emergency and disaster situations. Protect emergency management equipment for a safer rescue effort.

Identity Management

When emergencies occur it’s possible to have governmental agencies from the national, state and/or local levels present, as well as first responders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), military commands, volunteer organizations, bystanders and victims all together at one site. Order can be maintained in these disordered scenarios with the fast and easy identification and registration of everyone who is present. The first step in an emergency management ID card tracking solution is to identify the various persons present by printing them personalized ID cards. Identifying the various agencies and persons on-site makes it easier to authorize those persons who are of service and manage the use of equipment throughout the site. It’s important to have on and off-scene identification for personnel, equipment, visitors and victims in situations such as these.

  • ID ISSUANCE SYSTEM: Print on-the-spot personalized ID cards to identify first responders, local agencies, tag equipment, etc.

Incident Management

Emergencies in places with large crowds in open spaces are a huge challenge. In these circumstances, order and efficiency of intelligence can be improved with the use of an emergency management ID card system tracking solution, which will work dependably through the most rugged conditions. Log the movements of first responders, state and national agencies, on-site personnel, victims and more, in real-time, for clear disaster incident management using an on-scene computerized incident management system. Learn which persons are present and who are not, for quicker reconnaissance of missing persons, and increase the security of these dangerous areas by maintaining control of all access points. Get instant notification of potential security risks and check persons onsite or at entry points against a watch list of persons of potential threat. Reduce chaos with an ID card tracking system which can clearly report the time of entry or exit of people and agencies to the disaster scene, as well as provide what their qualifications are so that in the chaos of an emergency, everyone present can work more efficiently together to make sure that all people get to safety.

  • ID TRACKING SYSTEM: Print ID badges & log the movements persons & equipment, in real-time, for clear disaster incident management.

Research Management

Instantly share interagency disaster scene data compiled using your ID card tracking system with authorized outside agencies and persons anywhere in the world, such as local hospitals and police stations, to further increase the efficiency of the overall rescue effort. Share this information in real-time for up-to-the-minute responses and support that can provide a common operating picture of the chaotic event. Afterward, export this data to appropriate agencies for incident documentation and reimbursement when applicable.

  • ID TRACKING SYSTEM WITH REPORTING: Complete emergency management solution prints ID badges, tracks personnel & equipment and compiles incident data reports for easy submission & reimbursement.


Accountability is necessary within any emergency management system, as some missions pose the risk that persons could become lost, trapped, or injured by the environment or structure. Relying on just a photo ID card to identify everyone present is not a sufficient system in an emergency, as it provides no accountability for the whereabouts of the person wearing the ID. ID cards identify who a person is, but during a disaster, if the movement of an ID card is not being tracked and the card is simply worn, when a person enters a “hot zone” it’s possible that no one on the outside will know they are in there. Without a tracking accountability system in place, ID cards can do nothing within the circumstances to log and locate people within the disaster site. Accountability should be an important focus in the management of all emergency incidents, from the beginning to the end of events.

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