Conference Badge Printing System

Conference ID badge printing systems from AdvantIDge make event management at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, workshops and seminars of all sizes easy! On the day of an event be assured that professional looking conference ID badges can be printed in any volume, on-site. With conference badge printing systems from AdvantIDge register participants upon their arrival, quickly create and print personalized ID badges, track event attendance and more. AdvantIDge offers 3 levels of professional conference ID badge printing systems for meeting centers and events management companies who provide on-site registration and issuance of personalized conference and event identification badges.

Conference and event badge printing systems from AdvantIDge create high-quality, professional ID badges with crisp text, images, photos and graphics, printed in full color. Choose single-sided or dual-sided printing on white or colored PVC ID cards. Static information such as event logos, company names, and sponsor information can be pre-printed on conference ID badges ahead of time, so that upon guest arrival only the printing of personalized attendee information will remain. Take photos with a digital ID camera, upload them on-the-spot and quickly print conference ID badges featuring the attendees’ names, photos, event sponsor information and more!

AdvantIDge conference card printing systems enhance the security of events, providing access control to closed conference seminars and breakout sessions. Adding encoding options such as barcodes, magnetic stripes and RFID smart card technologies adds the ability to track and read confidential data on conference ID badges. Incorporating additional levels of ID badge security with holographic overlaminates, holographic foils, guilloche, U.V. inks, micro printing and optically variable inks increase conference badge security further, as these features are difficult to fraudulently duplicate.

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