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Security lapses on school campuses are a real threat and a growing problem in today’s world. Improve security at your school by updating the visitor sign-in process, which often fails to provide sufficient visitor identity information, and replace it with an automated ID card scanning solution. Ensure that along with the visitor’s name, date and time of entry, you also have their address, drivers license number and basic physical description in your system. With a drivers license scanner added to your school security system software you can do just that. Additionally, watch list integration can check each visitor against a national or internal database to make it less likely that known high-risk and dangerous persons gain entry to your facilities.

Is your university using antiquated paper attendance tracking and manual visitor log books? In addition to increasing safety, modern attendance tracking softwares can save time and money for teachers and schools alike. Using the existing staff and college ID cards on use on your campus, upgrade your school tracking system by incorporating magnetic stripe, barcode reader or proximity smart card technologies. Attendance tracking softwares increase accuracy with immediate transmission to a central location, offering the ability to quickly compile attendance data from which you can learn if certain classes routinely struggle with attendance problems, and which students if any, are frequently tardy to class or absent. The data can be as individualized or campus-wide as you’d like, so you can learn about developing or potential problems before it’s too late!

More and more colleges and universities are streamlining to using a single student ID card across a multitude of applications. Today’s technology allows your university student photo identification cards to be multi-purpose cards.

A single university student identification card can be used for applications such as food service and university bookstore account management, access to computers and other technology, access control to athletic facilities, tracking library ID card check-out, health center ID badges, as well as at-a-glance photo ID.

Across the country, the push for efficient automated payment programs is creating demand for university student ID cards which can store cash value and track account balances. Using a magnetic name badge or smart chip allows schools to use university student identification cards as stored-value debit cards for campus food service, the university bookstore, parking, campus laundry facilities and other on-campus venues which utilize retail ID card technology. This automation makes the purchasing process fast and efficient by reducing lines and wait times, can cut back on labor needed to staff cafeterias and bookstores, and reduces the losses and risks involved with cash transactions.

Stored-value debit cards are simply college ID cards that are funded by traditional means such as checking accounts, funds transfers, credit cards or cash and are used to deduct money from a non-bank account. Stored-value cards use a smart chip or magnetic stripe to store information about the funds that have been prepaid to the card.

University Student ID Card

One of the keys to creating a safe campus is controlling who’s in your campus buildings. Using magnetic stripe, proximity ID card technology, your university college ID cards can control access to your campus buildings, such as dorms, or even specific areas in your campus buildings, such as labs. A secure access control system will allow you to control who enters controlled areas–and a multi-purpose ID card is the means to do all of this.

A university ID card that includes a magnetic stripe, proximity technology, or a smart chip can control access to technology as well as to physical areas through-out your campus. For example, a student needing to use your university’s computer lab can scan hisID card through a magnetic stripe reader to gain access to the IT building after regular class hours, scan it again to enter the lab, and then insert it into the computer in order to log on. When the student completes his work he scans his card to enter his dorm building, and finally, to enter his dorm room. Similarly, stored value cards can be used by university faculty and staff for parking, food service, and other retail opportunities, as well as gaining access to areas authorized only for them.

Using university college ID cards for library membership ID cards in library book check out is one of the most common ways a university ID card is put to use. Barcodes or magnetic stripes are typically used to track library assets. The same process can also be used with other university check-outs such as audio/visual equipment or athletic equipment.

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