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Two Shortcuts To Avoid When Printing ID Cards

February 9, 2017 •

Most people are looking for ways to save a few bucks, save time, or both. When it comes to ID card printing, you might be...

Tips & Tricks

Advanced Materials Allow For Embedded ID Card Security Features

January 20, 2017 •

When it comes to security features on ID cards and other identity credentials, it’s often the holograms and ultra-violet inks that get a lot of...

Tips & Tricks

Security Features For ID Cards

December 7, 2016 • , , , ,

There are many different security features that should be considered when printing text on a blank ID card doesn't provide sufficient security. Some of these...

Industries Served

Workplace Security – OSHA Visitor Management Guidelines

November 29, 2016 •

OSHA publishes many reports which often include recommended guidelines designed to increase workplace safety. While these recommendations aren't official OSHA "regulations", they are helpful suggestions...

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RGB Versus CMYK – The Color Creation Process

November 22, 2016 •

There are actually two different technologies at work around us when it comes to the colors we see. One has to do with how things...

Product News

Preventative Maintenance: Why You Need A Printer Cleaning Kit

November 17, 2016 •

Believe it or not, ID Card Printers require some due-diligence to maintain a proper working order. In order to prevent future printing problems, it's important...

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Submission Guidelines for Samples and In House Printing

November 8, 2016 •

AdvantIDge offers a variety of printing services for our clients. Although most of the jobs we handle are done by our large press partners, there...

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Tips For a Healthy ID Card Printer: Printer Maintenance

September 26, 2016 •

Often we at AdvantIDge are asked by our clients for a few basic suggestions to get the most life out of their ID badge machine....

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How to Increase Your ID Card Durability

April 19, 2016 • , , ,

Now that you’ve made the investment into a card printer, you definitely want your cards to last as long as possible. Card durability is essential to...

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Spot Print Head Damage in an ID Card Printer

April 11, 2016 •

Proper printer care is very important and regular maintenance can go a long way to ensuring that your badge printer stays as reliable as the...