Product News

Zebra Announces Linux Drivers for ZXP Series 3 and Series 1 Card Printers

August 3, 2015 •

In an effort to make the Zebra line of printers even more versatile across multiple markets, AdvantIDge is pleased to announce that Zebra has developed...

Technical Updates

Laser Engraving

July 13, 2015 •

What is laser engraving? Laser engraving is a highly secure method of monochrome card personalization that etches features into the card surface with a black...

Technical Updates

How PVC Cards are Made

July 6, 2015 •

Here at AdvantIDge we are always interested in making sure we offer our clients the best quality in all of our products, from our ID...

Industries Served

ID Card Printer Laser Engraving

June 11, 2015 •

With the ever increasing need for reliable visual security on the line, the ID card printer industry is in a constant cycle of adding and...

Technical Updates

Firmware Update for Evolis ID Card Printer Systems

June 1, 2015 •

In a continued commitment to excellence and improvement AdvantIDge, in partnership with Evolis, announced an available firmware update to the software running most models in...

Product News

New Asure ID Capabilities with Free Update

May 25, 2015 • , , , ,

HID Global has announced the latest release of its popular Asure ID® 7 card personalization software suite. The Asure ID platform now supports the writing...

Press Releases

HID Corporate 1000 Program Expansion

April 14, 2015 • , , , ,

For two decades, HID Global  and ADVANTIDGE have partnered to offer services through the Corporate 1000 program that enable end-users to have chain-of-custody control for...

Product News

Announcing Linux Drivers for ZXP Series 3™ and ZXP Series 1™ Card Printers

April 2, 2015 •

Many AdvantIDge customers are enterprises and government agencies that use the Linux operating system as their standard IT infrastructure. To meet this need, Zebra has...

Product News

Windows 8 Soon Only Option for XP Users

December 19, 2014 •

Windows 8 has been a slow adoption for many industries. The "tablet ready" operating system was a major departure for what had become the expectation...

Product News

Announcing Changes to Energy Star Certification

November 5, 2014 •

AdvantIDge has always been dedicated to being environmentally friendly as well as a reliable leader in our competitive market. This drive has led us to...