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Preventative Maintenance: Why You Need A Printer Cleaning Kit

November 17, 2016 •

Believe it or not, ID Card Printers require some due-diligence to maintain a proper working order. In order to prevent future printing problems, it's important...

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CardPresso Installation has New Options

November 15, 2016 •

CardPresso, one of the leading card design softwares on the market, is making changes to the way that you can take advantage of such a...

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HID iCLASS SEOS Card – Superior Data Integrity & Privacy Protection

November 3, 2016 • , , , ,

HID Global’s iCLASS SEOS contactless smart cards give you the ability to carry dual identities in a single card, offering a true one card solution for physical...

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Personalized Gift and Loyalty Cards

November 1, 2016 •

Evolis and have joined forces to create the first personalized Gift and Loyalty Card application! AdvantIDge is pleased to announce that Evolis, a global...

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New Product: DuraSecure YMCKOO Zebra Printer Ribbon

October 25, 2016 •

AdvantIDge is introducing Zebra’s new DuraSecure YMCKOO Printer Ribbon for Zebra Printer: ZXP 3 Series. This new product is revolutionizing how secure identification cards are printed by providing...

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Identification Card Printers with 600 DPI

October 20, 2016 • , , , , , ,

Does your ID card printing require high resolution because of factors such as micro-text or small images? At AdvantIDge, you have a few options when...

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Nisca Announces PRC151 Printer and Laminator

October 17, 2016 •

The Nisca PR-C151 Dual Sided Direct to Card Printer and the PR-L151 Laminator replaced the PR5350 and PR5302.  Although the PR5350 has reached the end...

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Top Badge Printers with Wireless Options

October 12, 2016 •

In today’s world, wireless technology is often introduced into existing products in order to provide increased mobility. Until recently, badge making was confined to the...

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HID Global Product Lifecycle Notification

October 3, 2016 • , , , ,

AdvantIDge, in partnership with HID Global, is committed to providing the highest quality physical access control solutions to our customers. The HID Global process for...

Press Releases

Badge Buddies Role Recognition Cards

September 12, 2016 •

Badge Buddies are one of the most popular and necessary ID accessories. If you are a healthcare or large scale customer and aren’t using Badge...