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New Access Control Readers from HID Global

July 16, 2015 • , , , ,

AdvantIDge, in partnership with HID Global, has recently announced the release of two new extensions to the iCLASS SE® access control solutions. iCLASS SE® R90...

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TruCredential ID Card Software from Datacard

July 9, 2015 • , , , ,

AdvantIDge, in partnership with Entrust Datacard, is proud to announce a huge upgrade to the ID card software offering. TruCredential is the next generation of...

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List Price Increase on Zebra Legacy Card Printer Ribbons

July 2, 2015 •

In association with AdvantIDge, Zebra Technologies is implementing a price increase on legacy ID badge printer ribbons in accordance with the following tables. The list...

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HID Global New pivCLASS® Biometric Reader

June 29, 2015 • , , , ,

AdvantIDge, in partnership with HID Global, has announced the availability of the pivCLASS® biometric reader, the latest addition to HID Global’s Government Solutions portfolio. Primarily...

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Datacard SD460 Tactile Impression Free of Charge – Promotion

June 15, 2015 • , , , ,

Now, from AdvantIDge, order an SD460™ Card Printer and receive the Tactile Impression Module free of charge! Limited time only. The SD460 printer was introduced...

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New ID Card Security Options from HID

June 8, 2015 •

AdvantIDge, in partnership with HID Global, is pleased to announce the introduction of vanGO® on May 27, 2015. This new solution enables users to add...

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ActivID Tap Authentication New From HID Global

May 21, 2015 • , , , ,

AdvantIDge, in association with HID Global, is announcing the launch of ActivID® Tap Authentication™, an innovative, easy way to provide two-factor authentication for users of...

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Class-Leading Tools for Security Document Verification

May 13, 2015 •

In 2014, Projectina AG, a world leader in the development and manufacture of forensic science products and high-end optical components was acquired along with Forensic...

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HID Corporate 1000 Program Expansion

April 14, 2015 • , , , ,

For two decades, HID Global  and ADVANTIDGE have partnered to offer services through the Corporate 1000 program that enable end-users to have chain-of-custody control for...

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Badge Accessories Now From AdvantIDge!

February 25, 2015 •

Offering the complete solution is just the beginning of what we do here at AdvantIDge, but making sure that first step is as complete as...