Case Studies

A Veterinarian Association Finds Greater Security with Visitor Management

February 18, 2020 • ,

When a multinational veterinarian association came to ADVANTIDGE for a comprehensive visitor management solution for their headquarters, we were ready to help them find a...

Case Studies

Improving the Movie-Going Experience with Membership Cards

January 27, 2020 •

A High-End Cinema Group based in Los Angeles has made it their mission to create the best movie-going environment. With reserved seating, unique programming, community...

Case Studies

Liberty Wildlife Protects Nature with Proximity Cards

October 31, 2019 •

ADVANTIDGE helped one Arizona not-for-profit secure their facility with proximity cards to protect their most valuable assets: the animals they rescue. What do California Condors...

Case Studies

Massive Healthcare System Seamlessly Integrates Safer Access Control

May 1, 2019 •

A world-class hospital and healthcare organization turned to ADVANTIDGE requiring safer access control. We created a plan with top-of-the-line smart card technology to help them...

Case Studies

Photography Company Triples Efficiency Printing Thousands of Student ID Cards

July 13, 2017 • , , ,

ADVANTIDGE supported a California-based photography company in finding a better way by upgrading their school ID printing system. School photographers know that student ID card...

Case Studies

How RFID Readers Can Perfect the Vacation Experience

May 30, 2017 •

A major ski resort installed large RFID-enabled gates at each mountain access point, allowing guests wearing an RFID ski pass to ski through the gates...

Case Studies

Police Begin Printing Child ID Cards To Protect Community

January 31, 2017 •

Precious minutes are saved when law enforcement can quickly access a child’s information during a disaster. That is why a police department in North Carolina...

Case Studies

Staffing Agency Installs ID System For Onsite Issuance of Employee ID Cards

December 8, 2016 •

Anyone who has onboarded a new employee knows that the paperwork can feel endless. And eventually processing payroll for employees only adds to the workload....

Case Studies

New Nonprofit Creates Personalized Charity Giftcards

November 23, 2016 •

A local non profit organization was referred to us to help them with an innovative idea around creating a platform for gift card donations to...

Case Studies

Major Baseball Organization Wins With Oversized ID Printers

November 16, 2016 •

A Major Baseball Organization has teamed up with AdvantIDge to fulfill their need for instant card printing using SwiftColor Oversized ID card Printers. The league...