The Culture of Security: Interview with Holley Hunt

February 25, 2020 • ,

Last month we had the privilege of connecting with Holley Hunt, Director of Business Development at Johnson Controls. With more than a decade’s experience in...


Debunking Myths About Prox Card Technology Migrations

February 11, 2020 •

Believe it or not, migrating away from legacy prox card technology can be done smoothly, even for more complex access control setups.  Many organizations today...


3 Reasons to Scan Visitor IDs During Check In

February 3, 2020 •

Why scan visitor IDs during check-in? Even organizations with low to moderate security needs can benefit greatly from scanning their visitor's government-issued ID cards. Here's...


The Best Visitor Management Software for Businesses

January 21, 2020 •

Visitor management software for businesses must be able to create efficiency with ease while fostering greater security. HID EasyLobby SVM gives all this and more....


5 Key Benefits of Visitor Management Software

January 14, 2020 •

Saving time, minimizing error and looking more professional are just a few of the benefits of visitor management software. Learn how a secure visitor management...


A Letter from Lawrence Grafstein, Founder & Business Leader

January 9, 2020 •

Dear Valued Partner, As we enter a new decade, our team sets intentions for improving the customer experience in the year to come. While we...


5 Ways to Create a More Durable ID Card

January 5, 2020 •

Creating a more durable ID card can save organizations time, money and effort. Learn a few simple ways to maximize the life of your issued...


Windows 7 End Of Life for ID Card Printer Owners

January 3, 2020 •

January 14, 2020 will mark Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life. If you are among the 79% of organizations still operating on this 9-year-old system,...


ADVANTIDGE Serves Homeless Veterans through PATH LA

December 16, 2019 •

Last month, we gave new meaning to how we help others find safety and security while serving homeless veterans in West Los Angeles. Working in...


More than Identity Management: Our Partners Who Give Back

November 1, 2019 •

ADVANTIDGE has partnered with the best identity management manufacturers in the world. Not only do they create leading identity issuance technology, they also work to...