More than Identity Management: Our Partners Who Give Back

November 1, 2019 •

ADVANTIDGE has partnered with the best identity management manufacturers in the world. Not only do they create leading identity issuance technology, they also work to...


5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Legacy ID System

October 10, 2019 •

Determining when to upgrade a legacy ID system can be a challenge while meeting the demands of modern business. At ADVANTIDGE, we give our clients...


US-China Trade Impacts Identity Management Solutions

August 1, 2019 • ,

The US-China trade war continues to impact the landscape for security identity management manufacturers, resellers, and end-user solutions. What Happened In May, the Trump Administration...


CA Student ID Cards To Support Suicide Prevention

May 22, 2019 •

A Senate bill which passed at the beginning of the year requires student ID cards to include information for suicide prevention. As the landscape rapidly...


ADVANTIDGE Return Policy

January 1, 2018 •

Customer satisfaction is very important to everyone in our company. The ADVANTIDGE return policy applies to the specified products and services offered in the security...