3 Ways to Ensure Safe Back-to-Work Procedures

May 14, 2020 • , , , ,

In the weeks ahead, organizations will be returning back to work as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease, establishing the "new normal" for work environments across industries. ...


5 Key Benefits of Contactless Key Cards

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Here are five ways contactless key cards can help your organization run more intelligently, and with greater efficiency.  With the current global health crisis impacting...


Top 5 Eco-Friendly ID Cards and Printing Supplies

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Eco-Friendly ID cards and supplies are an easy, cost-effective way to set your business on a more sustainable path. In 2020, more businesses are looking...


3 Simple Ways to Boost Hospital Visitor Management

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Even amid a global health crisis, hospitals can increase the security of their hospital visitor management system in three simple ways.  In a matter of...


Safely Continuing Our Service Through COVID-19

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Updated Wednesday, May 13 at 10:30 am As we adapt to the “new normal” caused by the Covid-19 crisis, it is clear that safety, security...


Top 3 Fastest ID Card Printer Systems on the Market

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Finding the fastest ID card printer that meets your specific application requirements can be a challenge. Your operating system, card technology, and durability requirements will...


The Key to Building an Inclusive Culture: Empathy

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By Brittney Carter  ADVANTIDGE’s Customer Success Director shares insight on the value of a diverse workforce and how to successfully build an inclusive culture: empathy...


The Culture of Security: Interview with Holley Hunt

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Last month we had the privilege of connecting with Holley Hunt, Director of Business Development at Johnson Controls. With more than a decade’s experience in...


Debunking Myths About Prox Card Technology Migrations

February 11, 2020 •

Believe it or not, migrating away from legacy prox card technology can be done smoothly, even for more complex access control setups.  Many organizations today...


3 Reasons to Scan Visitor IDs During Check In

February 3, 2020 •

Why scan visitor IDs during check-in? Even organizations with low to moderate security needs can benefit greatly from scanning their visitor's government-issued ID cards. Here's...