A major American football league sought to improve security at their west coast campus by upgrading their legacy access control system. This long-time ADVANTIDGE customer needed expert support for a smooth transition from their former facility to the new state-of-the-art campus where they receive regular visits from celebrity players, TV personalities, and league personnel. 


The football league had been managing access control at its former facility with low-frequency, unencrypted proximity technology, leaving its keycards vulnerable to unauthorized duplication. With nearly a thousand employees at the new facility and 150 access points, they required heightened security and adaptable technology at their new high-tech campus.

In addition, the league manages 32 football teams and cannot afford to be down with providing data and statistics for a 24/7 news cycle and fantasy sports. Their security requirements required a smart, smooth integration at the new facility to make sure their access control is up and running at all times with a preference for a frictionless environment by giving authorized personnel greater flexibility in their credentials. 


With twenty years of security integration experience, ADVANTIDGE supported the league with an access control system that perfectly matched their need for adaptability, flexibility, and leading-edge security. ADVANTIDGE transitioned the league’s infrastructure to include the latest HID readers and dual technology credentials that incorporate encrypted iClass Seos. This dual capacity technology includes highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure that allows for integration with mobile ID for access and authentication via a user’s smartphone.

ADVANTIDGE supported the security team with the configuration of the new technology with greater functionality for the new facility and the league’s secure future ahead.

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Because of ADVANTIDGE’s platinum status with HID, they were able to provide the fastest turnaround on encrypted credentials and dual-technology readers for the league during global supply shortages due to the pandemic. 

The dual technology Seos credentials will allow the league to phase out legacy platforms over time once they are fully transitioned from the old facility. The new credentials utilize encrypted software-based communication with Bluetooth should the client decide to implement Mobile ID using smartphones to open doors. This flexibility without sacrificing securing is exactly what the executives wanted and ADVANTIDGE delivered on time and on budget.

ADVANTIDGE continues to provide expert support and technical service with its Gold Support Plan, ensuring the League’s secure access control system will remain updated while ensuring the utmost security to employees, players, and visitors in the new campus. 

At ADVANTIDGE, we foster relationships recognizing that no two clients have the same needs for security and safety. Our value is created through dialogue and 20 years of experience in Identity Management Solutions.