Photography Company Triples Efficiency Printing Thousands of Student ID Cards

School photographers know that student ID card printing can be quite hectic come Fall. Once a year, children and young adults line up to have their pictures taken for the yearbook and their photo ID card. A large number of pictures must be taken in a short duration. Having the ability to take a student’s picture and print their ID card on the spot is a major convenience. ADVANTIDGE was able to make this happen for one local school photographer.

With the newest ID card printers, students can have their IDs printed in as little as 20 seconds. Recently, ADVANTIDGE supported a California-based photography company in finding a better way by upgrading their ID printing system. This upgrade minimized stress and increased efficiency with the hundreds and sometimes thousands of students they photograph and ID in a given day.

The Problem

This local photography company was experiencing delays while printing ID cards for hundreds–sometimes thousands of students per day. Their legacy technology was causing frequent issues increasing their need for tech support at untimely moments. Delays were impacting their relationships with the schools they were serving as student had to wait for long periods to receive their ID cards.

The Challenge

Our experts at ADVANTDIGE were able to help identify that this photographer had a need for speed without compromising quality. They needed a reliable ID card printer that would deliver when printing high volumes of student ID cards.

The Solution

ADVANTIDGE recommended the new Evolis Primacy printers. By purchasing and using these printers, they tripled their efficiency by improving their output speed. This greatly improved their relationship with schools by being able to provide a faster/higher quality service. It also improved the safety levels for the students of their community.

School ID Card Printing can be done quickly and on-site with the use of ID card software such as Cardpresso. This software gives professional photographers the tools needed to process ID cards from beginning to end. With CardPresso, users can import student photos, create the content required for the ID card, process the print job and send the information to the ID card printer. This provides almost instantaneous issuance with easy-to-use tools. Having the most updated version(s) of this software is necessary to ensure customers receive speedy, reliable service.

Also part of an ADVANTIDGE complete photo ID badge issuance system:

  • Photo Backdrops
  • ID Badge Holders
  • ID Card Printer Ribbon
  • Protective Transport Case

We help our clients find a better way. More than merely offering the best ID printers and products, ADVANTIDGE takes a consultative approach to understand the unique needs of each business or organization we serve. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help meet your goal and plan for the future.

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