School Security Systems

School Photo ID Card Software Solution Increase the safety of your school campus and save time and money with a school security system from Advantidge.Security lapses on school campuses are a real threat and a growing problem in today’s world. Using professional tracking software easily log the attendance of students, employees and visitors in a solution that’s perfect for schools with open campus layouts, which ensures that all persons on site are accounted for. Closed campuses such as those found in urban environments can maximize security with a controlled access solution which allows entry only to those persons with approved credentials for heightened school security.

Update the visitor entry sign-in process at your facility with an automated ID card scanning solution, which will ensure that along with a visitor’s name, date and time of entry, you also have their address, drivers license number and basic physical description in your system. Manual visitor sign-in log books often fail to provide sufficient visitor identity information. When you incorporate a drivers license scanner into your school security system software you will be able to automatically add pertinent visitor identity information to your system.

In the United States alone, over 1.9 million crimes are committed at Elementary, Middle, and High Schools each year. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that these crimes harm students, distract teachers, and cost school districts millions of dollars. Encouragingly though, crimes on school properties are decreasing, thanks to a national effort and the increased security measures taken by school districts such as implementing a school security access control or tracking system.

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