Advantidge works with companies of all sizes to provide added security to their ID cards. In years past only large organizations and government entities could afford the expensive holographic options availabe for increasing card security, but now these same security features are available to all, at prices almost everyone can afford!

In addition to combating counterfeit card reproduction, today’s holographic card security options provide unique and attractive visual complements that enhance your end product. Employees will perceive a higher value in their identification cards, and you will send a clear signal to the world, that your company pays close attention to every detail, and takes its card security seriously.

Secure Holographic ID Card Overlaminates

For Low Security applications select a pre-designed, off-the-shelf, manually applied overlaminate. These holographic overlays are easy to apply, and can quickly be visually inspected for authenticity. Secure ID card holographic overlaminates also serve to add an important layer of protection to your ID cards, and can increase their life expectancy by 2-3 years. Costs are minimal with hand-applied holographic ID card overlays.

A second cost-effective card security option is using ID Holograpfic Foil Cards which feature surface foil blocks that are placed on each of your cards, showcasing YOUR company’s unique logo… This surprisingly cost effective card security solution ensures that your ID cards will remain counterfeit-resistant.

For Mid-Level Security you can customize manually applied overlaminates with a logo that is unique to YOUR organization. ID cards featuring customized overlaminates can not be reproduced using a regular copier due to their unique designs, and therefore pose a greater obstacle to ID card counterfeiters. Also consider embedding a hologram in each of your cards featuring YOUR company’s unique logo. Embedded holograms can also be of a generic design for a more cost-effective solution. Call us for pricing and details.

High Security applications employ custom holograms that can be used with select card printers. Choose from a selection of high security elements to add to your custom holographic overlaminate. Options include nano text, microfine printing, morphing images, hidden text and other James Bond-like possibilities…

Call Advantidge today at 800-965-5932 to see which security option is the best fit for your cards!