A Senate bill which passed at the beginning of the year requires student ID cards to include information for suicide prevention.

As the landscape rapidly changes within our education system, ADVANTIDGE has been working closely alongside schools and school photographers to streamline solutions for the annual issuance of student ID cards.

A big change comes July 1, 2019, as California is enacting a bold stand to support the mental health of its teenage and young adult students.

Senate Bill No. 972 (SB-972) requires the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline telephone number to be printed on all public and private school student ID cards for grades 7-12, as well as community colleges and universities. The goal of this measure is to foster suicide prevention through greater awareness, equipping students as young as 12 years old.

While this bill is an important step towards addressing mental health, it places a new challenge on the shoulders of school administrators and photographers during their busiest time of year.

SB-972 Impact on School Administrators

School administrators are faced with an immediate requirement to redesign their current student ID card templates, ahead of the most demanding time of the year, fall registration.

SB-972 Impact on School Photographers

School photographers provide well over 1 million student ID cards in the state of California alone. This bill introduces additional challenges since many of them only use single-sided printers and have limited control of ID card design.  

The required information from the SB-972 is as follows:




As those responsible for ID card printing must find a way to incorporate as many as 4 lines of copy onto their current ID card templates, we expect to provide our clients the best solution for their specific application.

At ADVANTIDGE, we provide our clients with the solution tailored to their specific needs. Whether our clients need the most cost effective solution, or the greatest time and effort saver, we can help school administrators and photographers prepare for the 2019 school year with confidence in the face of change.

After reviewing hundreds of approaches we have discovered two typical scenarios which can easily be solved prior to the summer/fall registration frenzy:

Scenario 1: Single-Sided Printers with blank back side of card

As the greatest cost and time saver to schools and photographers working on a single-sided ID card printer system, we recommend SB-972 approved pre-printed ID cards with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline already printed on the back.

This allows you to continue printing your ID card template and include the required information without having to redesign.

SB-972 Pre-printed ID card

ADVANTIDGE provides numerous clients with pre-printed ID cards and can offer your organization blank stock that meets the SB-972 requirements.

Scenario 2: Double-Sided ID Card Printers needing a card template redesign for back side of card

Double-sided ID Card templates will need to be redesigned in order to include the SB-972 required hotline information, and any authorized information which you decide to include. ADVANTIDGE can help you in the following ways:

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