Visitor management software for businesses must be able to create efficiency with ease while fostering greater security. HID EasyLobby SVM gives all this and more.

HID EasyLobby SVM is a user-friendly visitor management software that allows business administrators to streamline the visitor check-in process with ease without compromising security. 

In today’s security-conscious world, businesses large and small must be able to track who is on-premises at all times. HID EasyLobby SVM 10.0 solves this problem with a visitor management system that streamlines the visitor experience. Visitor check-in, credential issuance, tracking and reporting can all be managed in one easy-to-use software. 

Best of all, the efficient check-in process enhances the professional image that your business reflects while boosting security. The result is a fast and accurate check-in process that will increase employee safety and leave visitors feeling great about your company. 

For businesses of all sizes we recommend EasyLobby for several reasons:

Greater Efficiency, Greater Ease-of-Use

Capturing essential information from visitors can become cumbersome and difficult to maintain with outdated processes. Even small businesses can become bogged down with visitor check-in during busy periods.  

HID EasyLobby SVM streamlines visitor check-in and badging within one easy-to-use system. 

Robust Security Protects Your Employees

While rudimentary visitor check-in processes like clipboards or excel spreadsheets can help track who is on-site, they do not reflect a secured facility. In addition, manual tracking systems lack real-time security capabilities like government-ID scanning and watch-list alerts that EasyLobby SVM offers. With EasyLobby, front desk administrators can identify who is safe to enter the building within seconds. 

In the event of an emergency, EasyLobby can report visitors on-site to verify that everyone has made it to safety. There is no need to decipher illegible handwriting or guess who is still in the building should a fire or natural disaster occur.  

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A More Professional Image

Handwritten ID badges and clipboards do not communicate “leading-edge company” to visitors. With EasyLobby’s professional check-in, visitor kiosk options, ID scanning and custom badge printing, your organization looks more polished.

EasyLobby SVM software eliminates the guesswork of managing visitors at your facility, strengthening security and creating greater efficiency for your staff. The result is a more professional, streamlined experience visitors will appreciate. 

Request a Demo of EasyLobby SVM 10.0 to see first-hand how visitor management software can level up your visitor check-in process.