We are pleased to announce the launch of the Rio Pro 360, Magicard’s latest innovation for ID issuance, now available in July 2018.

The Rio Pro 360 is an evolution of Magicard’s well-established Rio Pro platform. The new ID card printer features faster print speed, increased capacity and improved print quality. The 360 also has the all new ‘LYNK’ on-board intelligence – an embedded Linux-based CPU – that enables seamless communication and the secure processing of ID data.

The Rio Pro 360 is Magicard’s fastest ID printer to date. The entirely new electronics and software platform has enabled significant performance improvements. From the moment you hit print, the 360 instantaneously gets to work. Full color cards with HoloKote® can now print in 18 seconds click-to-card.

The LYNK on-board CPU has a wider color spectrum to choose from. This means the Rio Pro 360 can create even more vibrant and color rich prints – which on an ID card means a truer representation of the subject. LYNK recognizes USB & Ethernet and can easily be integrated with most third-party applications locally or in the cloud. WiFi connectivity will be available.

Like its predecessor, the Rio Pro 360 can print an anti-fraud customized secure watermark on every card. LYNK now enables the secure online delivery of bespoke HoloKote® watermarks to the printer.  Where previously only one custom HoloKote design was available per printer, now users can store up to ten.

The LYNK onboard CPU is an industry first and we’re excited to see how this helps create more customized secure ID solutions, as it effectively means the printer has a brain on-board. The 360, with its encryption capabilities and secure watermark feature, will help achieve the mission of enhancing trust in identity worldwide. Inquire for more information as updates on the new model become available in 2018!