Advantidge ID Card Printing Tip: Zebra ZXP 3 ID Card LoadingWhen using the Zebra ZXP Series 3 ID card printer, loading your ID cards into the printer’s card feeder can seem very easy to do, but there is one tip that can make the difference between getting off to a great start printing your ID cards, or the printer not working at all!

When you load a stack of fresh ID cards into the Zebra ZXP Series 3 ID card printer, it’s pretty easy to get the ID cards placed in between the feeder and the blue slide, which holds them in place, but what isn’t obvious is that it’s a good idea to also push the first ID card to be printed a little ways down into the feeder, in order to make sure that the printer will actually grab it when operations begin. Simply take your thumb, or a narrow object (another ID card works well!) and slide the card evenly down into the machine until it stops. The round indentation next to the feeder is there for that very purpose, but there are no written instructions telling you that that is what it’s for! This simple trick will make a world of difference in simplifying your ID card printing operation!

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