ADVANTIDGE terms & conditions are designed to set up customers for success in doing business with us. Rest assured that customer satisfaction is very important to everyone in our company. We encourage you to contact us anytime with questions before or after making a purchase with ADVANTIDGE to be sure we meet your expectations for service. 

Payment Terms

Payment By Invoice
 If your organization would like to make payment by invoice, we can complete any vendor paperwork including a W9, or register in your supplier portal. You can submit your request via chat or email and receive a response the same day with paperwork typically completed in 24-48 hours.

Your credit line will be established by DNBi, a service provided by Dun & Bradstreet, which recognizes established organizations that have good credit standing. If your order exceeds the recommended credit from DNBi, we will request payment for the balance by credit card or company check.

Pre Approved Terms Account:
Customers pre-approved for credit terms typically include the following:

Customers who fit this category may simply email us a copy of their purchase order. We will accept most purchase orders from customers in this category. However, we reserve the right to request further documentation depending on the size of your order. Customers in this category are also still subject to our credit review and approval processes based on information provided by Dun & Bradstreet.

If you do not qualify for a terms account, we would be happy to accept payment by any of the following methods.

Credit Card Payment
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and validate ALL credit card transactions with the issuing bank. For prompt processing of your credit card orders please be sure the following information is entered:

– Complete card number with expiration date and card security code (CSC)

– Bill to and Ship to Address for your order should match with delivery to a verified Business.

-If the ship-to address is different from your billing address, your order may be canceled. Let us know if the Ship to Address is on file with issuing bank as an authorized business address for your card account.

Updated Credit Card Policy
Due to the increased levels of credit card fraud on the internet and the extraordinary levels of fraud seen in our industry, we have implemented the strictest rules on credit card acceptance. We are a B2B company and recognize that credit card payment is a popular option for our business clients. We will verify your complete account information at the time of sale and keep this information for future payments within the standards of PCI compliance.

In addition to meeting the address verification requirements above, we may not process your credit card order if you (a) use a generic email account (i.e. yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.), (b) ship to a residential address, and/or (c) request high-security products without a connection to a verifiable business.

If we cancel your order, the funds will be released immediately from the pre-authorization hold that was placed by the credit card company. It may take 2-3 days for the funds to become available, however, this is controlled by your credit card merchant as is not part of our process.

Wire Transfer Payments

Bank wire transfers are the fastest and most secure method of payment. Domestic wires and ACH payments are processed the same day, international wires are processed the next day. We can provide your organization with the wire transfer details on a quote, order confirmation, or pro forma invoice.

If you need a rush order with a wire transfer as payment, please advise us of the exact amount of your wire transfer with a receipt of the completed transaction. Any credits or overpayment from wire transfer will be used towards future orders. Our customer service team can research completed wire transfers and follow up immediately with our bank to ensure there are no delays in processing your order.

Thank you for reviewing our terms & conditions, please review our Return Policy if you would like to request a credit or refund on any items sourced from ADVANTIDGE.