Add Extended Durability with Evolis Card Lamination Module

Developed by Evolis, the CLM (Card Lamination Module) is associated with the Evolis Primacy printer and is an all-in-one system for printing, encoding, and laminating cards that need to be secure and/or protected.

Easy to use

The CLM module is easy to use and can be used in a standalone mode or associated with a Primacy card printer.

Protect your cards

The CLM is the ideal module to laminate ID cards. The cards made can be used for up to 10 years.

Plug & play consumables

The installation of the ribbons is really intuitive and all laminates are automatically recognized by the CLM and Primacy :

  • ribbons are made with colors mandrels
  • a sound is clearly audible when you plug the ribbon
  • laminates are automatically recognized thanks to RFID chip

Wide choice of laminates

Evolis has a wide range of patches and laminates, with or without holograms. All of our patches and varnishes are high capacity and offer great system autonomy:

  • Single-sided lamination
  • Dual-sided lamination
  • Lamination with generic or specific holograms
  • Lamination with cut out for:
    • smart contact card
    • magnetic stripe card

Standalone mode optional

  • In a standalone mode, the CLM operates with card-to-card insertion and can secure and/or protect cards previously printed with any printing system.
  • The standalone mode can be easily implemented through a firmware upgrade

The CLM is a versatile offer to target applications that require longer lasting ID badges including:

  • Corporate employee badges,
  • Government ID and Driver’s licenses,
  • State Issued Resident cards,
  • Military or Police ID badges,
  • Airport access control badges,
  • Hospital Employee ID cards,
  • Contractor ID badges.

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