ADVANTIDGE is proud to offer a complete solution for multi-factor authentication that meets NIST 800 171 standards. The ActivID solution includes software, support and Genuine HID Credentials including Prox, iCLASS SE and SEOS for secure access to computers, phones, tablets and other devices with sensitive company data. The newest version of ActivClient is designed to offer the highest level of security and compliance with the latest Microsoft products and adds support for the new Microsoft Edge browser on the Windows 10 platform.

ActivID ActivClient 7.3 for Windows, is the industry standard from HID Global with the latest in market-leading advanced security client that protects workstations and networks with smart cards and USB tokens using two-factor authentication, or 2FA. ActivID ActivClient is the leading smart card middleware used with Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and Personal Identity Verification – Interoperable (PIV-I) smart cards in the US Federal Government.

The ActivID ActivClient 7.3 improvements include:

Microsoft Edge and improved Windows 10 support

With this release, ActivClient extends its support for the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 platforms to provide increased coverage of smart card usage scenarios. For example, customers can now use the latest Microsoft Edge browser for SSL and TLS-based smart card authentication to web sites. Windows Universal Apps can now also leverage ActivClient for smart card authentication.

Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 support

Enterprise customers can now leverage ActivClient for smart card-based authentication, signature and encryption with the latest Microsoft Office versions. ActivClient automatically configures the Outlook® security profile based on smart card certificates, reducing the configuration effort for smart card users.

Bundled Software Development Kit

ActivID ActivClient includes samples and documentation for the standard-based APIs it supports: Microsoft Mini Driver / CNG, PKCS#11, PIV and BSI. These APIs provide access to Public Key cryptography (PKI), One-Time Password and data storage services on smart cards. C and Java interfaces are available

ActivID ActivClient 7.3 is available at no charge to ActivID ActivClient customers with a current maintenance contract. It can be electronically downloaded from HID Global’s Identity Assurance Support Portal.

Current ActivID ActivClient customers:

ADVANTIDGE recommends customers using ActivID ActivClient 6.2 or 7.0.x to upgrade to version 7.3. Version 6.2 and 7.0.x are no longer available to new customers but will be supported until July 2018.

The ActivID ActivClient SDK is now bundled in ActivID ActivClient; as a result, the part numbers for the stand alone ActivClient SDK (DKCXXXWL, DKCXXXWLM4 and DKCXXXWLM5) as a separate product have been discontinued (DKCXXXWL, DKCXXXWLM4 and DKCXXXWLM5). ActivClient SDK customers can now access the same functionality at no charge as part of the ActivClient license.

NIST SP800-171 Requirements & Compliance

NOTE: The new NIST SP800-171 requirements demand rigorous access control. Non-compliance presents serious consequences for contractors, including legal action by the government and termination as a contractor. The HID ActivID ActivClient is a proven piece of the puzzle for compliance. You can request a complete eBook available upon request that focuses on some of the most complicated parts of the mandate – and how multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) offer a comprehensive but cost-effective path to complying with these aspects of NIST SP800-171. Please contact us today for a complete copy of this documentation, attend an informative webinar reviewing these requirements or request a consultation from our experienced team of security experts to be sure you stay compliant.

ADVANTIDGE offers a wide variety of security solutions that use encrypted RFID cards with HID iClass SEOS for access control, computer logon, time and attendance in addition to card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of your asset tracking, visitor management, or identification card needs. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your identification goals. To confirm our certification for these solutions please review our profile with HID after reading the following brochure on ActivID-ActivClient.