Evolis Half Panel Color ID Card Printer Ribbon Info Guide

Evolis Half Panel Color ID Card Printer RibbonUsing genuine Evolis ID card printer ribbons helps to avoid print defects and ensures users benefit from high-quality ID card printing at an optimal cost-per-card. Evolis has worked closely in the development of Evolis ID card printer ribbons and consumables technology, introducing innovation, security features and optimized ID card printer performances. Tested and validated by Evolis R&D and quality departments, these Evolis consumables bring quality and reliability to your ID card printing operations.

Over time, Evolis noticed that some ID card printing applications require only printing in color a portion of an ID card, for example the color printing of a photo ID card picture. For applications such as these a full-size Evolis ID card printer ribbon isn’t necessary, and the user could save money and materials by using a half-panel ID card printer ribbon instead. Early 2003, Evolis introduced the Evolis half-panel YMCKO ID card printer ribbon to the marketplace to meet this need.

The Evolis Half-Panel YMCKO color ID card printer ribbon is a dye sublimation ribbon which has the same ink specifications as Evolis’ Standard Full Panel YMCKO color ID card printer ribbons. The color ribbon is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with thin layers of specialised coatings. The concentration of colorants is very low and they are insoluble in water. In the printing process they only diffuse at temperatures above 50 C. The hazards associated with this product are those of the PET base film. The only difference between the Evolis Standard YMCKO ID card printer ribbon and the Evolis Half-Panel YMCKO ID card printer ribbon is the length of the yellow, magenta and cyan color panels which, for the Half-Panel ribbon are twice as small as in the Standard Panel version.

The new Half-Panel Color Ribbon is used in the identification market when a color photo ID picture and some black resin printing of texts, logos and barcodes are required. In many cases, Evolis half-panel ID card printer ribbons are used on blank ID cards but also on pre-printed ID cards. The main applications are student ID cards, transportation ID badges, employee ID badges, club membership cards, and driver’s licenses.

Benefits of Evolis half panel YMCKO ID card printer ribbons:

  • Cost effective: 40% less cost than the standard Evolis full-panel YMCKO color ID card printer ribbon
  • User oriented: Higher printing autonomy than the standard YMCKOK for less intervention: 400 prints per roll instead of 200.
  • Innovative: Evolis has been the first ID card printer manufacturer to introduce this type of ribbon. This proven solution is now used in many countries worldwide for high volume ID card printing.

Evolis Half-Panel YMCKO Color ID Card Printer Ribbons can be used on all Evolis ID Card Printers. The ID picture length must not exceed 35mm and can be placed anywhere on the ID card. Thanks to a special driver command, the Evolis ID card printer detects the color point of the photo ID picture so the ID card can correctly position itself under the print head and printing start exactly where the picture is required on the ID card. The ID picture must be the only element in color in the ID card design when using Evolis half-panel ID card printer ribbons. Black elements such as texts, barcodes, etc. can be placed anywhere on the ID card since they are managed in the same way as when using standard/full color YMCKO Evolis ID card printer ribbons.

ID cards can be either blank or pre-printed with a color background. When printing on pre-printed ID cards, make sure that there is no overlay (O) where the color picture could be printed; otherwise the printing quality will be altered by your ID card system.

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