Job Opportunities

If you have experience in the identification, security or related industries and are highly motivated to reach new levels of success, we would be happy to make a place for you on our team. To pursue a career with the market leader, please email your resume to to learn how you can take your skills to the next level.

We offer compensation programs that give you the greatest opportunity in earnings plus a promise to help you grow as a sales professional in the modern business world. Our main office is located in Los Angeles, CA where management and customer service provide daily support to our inhouse and remote sales team. We work closely with the industry’s most reputable manufacturers and are proud of our ethical business practices with vendors and customers alike. If you are a top performer and feel like your current employer doesn’t live up to your standards, contact us to learn more.

Note: All inquiries will be completely confidential knowing that word travels fast in this niche industry.

Current Job Openings:

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