HID Global Fargo HDP8500 Dual-Sided Industrial ID Card Printer

MSRP: $9,994 each

The Fargo HDP8500 is the most reliable, high duty performance ID card printer in the industry! Features High Definition Printing (HDP®) technology, making it the superior industrial ID card printer for extended-run, high throughput credential ID card personalization and issuance, and it’s especially suited for the high duty cycle requirements of large government ID card programs, laborious service bureau conditions and demanding university and large enterprise environments.

The HDP8500 has been designed for networking and can issue ID cards from multiple sites, centrally and remotely and with an Ethernet port and internal print server the HDP8500 can be securely networked to produce high volumes of ID cards in continuous batch runs, sharing one or more common or centrally managed databases. The system can encode one card while printing a second card and laminating a third and offers two additional print modes to the standard print mode in order to meet your needs. Performance mode provides the fastest throughput speed of 1,200 full-color (YMC) single-side cards in an 8 hour work cycle. While Premium mode provides enhanced print quality for challenging images with the finest detail previously not possible by other HDP printers.

Global Fargo HDP8500The FARGO HDP8500 uses HDP technology to print a dye-sublimation image onto an intermediate transfer film that is then retransferred onto the card surface. This flexible technology works with a wider choice of card materials, is more resistant to identity adulteration and attack, and is the optimal choice for smart card printing or any other type of technology card because it easily handles surface or embedded electronics irregularities.

The FARGO HDP8500 ID card printer is also designed to safeguard against the most challenging operating environments. Its airflow and filtration system, canopy dust seals and internal temperature sensors maintain ideal printing conditions in the harshest environments. This limits dust from settling inside printer and blows it out which limits downtime from typical card printer servicing. Multiple in-line cleaning stations eliminate unexpected blank card surface debris and a special cover protecting the card path sensors help to prevent defective card prints and printer jams. Powerful stepper motors provide improved card handling over long print shifts and the printer’s gearbox design, metal shaft spindle components and supply cartridges ensure reliable consumable materials handling.

The FARGO HDP8500 has physical locks on all access points to protect the Fargo printer ribbon and film consumables, as well as the cards, before and after printing and it offers secure PIN access to electronically lock the printer from accepting illegal print jobs. It uses advanced encryption standard (AES) 256 to protect electronic data and a resin-erase feature can be used to eliminate personal data on used ribbon panels. The HDP8500 offers secure printing and laminating using UV printing with fluorescing (F) panel ribbons, holographic retransfer films, and holographic thin films and overlaminates to provide up to three levels of security: overt, covert and forensic.

Features and Benefits:

Multi-Processing Capability
Dual-Locking 200 Card Input Hoppers
Graphical Touch-Screen Display
3-Year Printer Warranty with local service by Advantidge
Physical and Electronic Security
Two In-Line Card Cleaning Stations
Field-Upgradable Options

Printer Specifications:

Print Method- HDP Dye-Sublimation/Resin Thermal Transfer Dual-sided printing (standard) and Simultaneous Printing/Encoding, Over-the-edge on CR-80 cards

Resolution- 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)

Colors- Up to 16.7 million/256 shades per pixel

Print Speed (batch mode)- Up to 1200 cards per shift/24 seconds per card (YMC with transfer), Up to 992 cards per shift/29 seconds per card (YMCK with transfer), Up to 720 cards per shift/40 seconds per card (YMCKK with transfer)

User Interface- Touch-Screen Display

Accepted Card Size- CR-80 (3.370″ L x 2.125″ W/85.6 mm L x 54 mm W)

Accepted Card Thickness- .030″ (30 mil) to .050″ (50 mil)/.762 mm to 1.27 mm

Input Hopper Card Capacity- (2) 200-card hoppers; Total capacity 400 cards (.030″/.762 mm)

Output Hopper Card Capacity- (1) 200-card hopper (.030″/.762 mm)

Software Drivers- Windows® 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista (32 & 64 bit)/7 (32 & 64 bit); Mac OS X v10.4/v10.5; and Linux

Options- Card lamination module—dual-sided (simultaneous), Secure Proprietary Consumables System, Magnetic stripe encoding, Custom Secure Holographic HDP Film and Overlaminate, Smart card encoding (contact/contactless), Andon Production Status Light, iCLASS® Programming Platform Kit, ISO Card Flattener, Printer cleaning kit, Laser Engraving (Q3, 2012)

Warranty- HID Global offers a three-year Standard Limited Warranty covering parts and depot repair labor. No Extended Warranties available. No On-Call Express services available.


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