Determining when to upgrade a legacy ID system can be a challenge while meeting the demands of modern business. 

ID management technology creates security and efficiency for organizations, two aspects of a thriving operation that should never be placed on the back burner. As technology ages, wear-and-tear reduces efficacy, integrated software evolves, and digital criminals grow savvier.

But when your old ID management system keeps functioning, and company budgeting did not account for any new technology this fiscal year, how can you determine when to prioritize an upgrade before the system becomes inoperable?

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that it’s time to upgrade your ID Management legacy technology:

1. When repairs begin to cost more than the cost of replacing it.

It’s easy to outspend the original cost of your identity technology with repairs when you aren’t taking regular stock. Not to mention, outdated identity management technology could be costing your organization in time and operational costs.

At ADVANTIDGE, our team is looking out for you for the long term and will let you know if you are better off repairing your current technology or investing in a new system.

2. When you run the risk of your technology being irreparable at inopportune times.

Imagine your busiest time of year. Imagine a vital component of your identity management system no longer working, or your ability to issue ID cards suddenly stalled. Could this be hugely detrimental to your operation? Could it impact the security of your employees, students or guests? If the answer is yes, and your ID management system is outside the manufacturer’s warranty window, it may be time to determine if your printer can withstand the demands of the high season.

3. When you have outgrown your old system, and the stakes are higher than ever.

What is at risk for you? Has your company grown and changed over the years? Perhaps your need for security on-premises is far greater than it was when you invested in your initial ID card printer. More employees, more assets, more at stake. Make sure your ID management and access control systems evolve with you.

4. When mainstream hackers can easily break into the system

Aging technology can be a major liability. And today with cheap devices that can be purchased easily, credentials from standard proximity cards can be skimmed, duplicated and used to breach security. When you upgrade your legacy ID system, you will create robust security for both data and physical security.

To learn more about our solution to insecure proximity cards, review this post on HID Seos.

5. When you are ready to throw your machine out the window. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for identity management, and assuming such can create great friction in daily operations. At ADVANTIDGE, we will help you find the perfect solution for your unique needs, which will bring you peace of mind and confidence.

Ready to update your ID printing system? Contact the experts.

Don’t let your identity management solution fall prey to wear and tear and changing times. Stay relevant, stay innovative, stay secure.

Get a risk assessment today, and learn about new technology that can integrate and grow with you.

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