Saving time, minimizing error and looking more professional are just a few of the benefits of visitor management software. Learn how a secure visitor management system can benefit your organization.


If front desk reception is the first experience visitors have at your organization, how you check them in impacts how they perceive you, and often, how safe your employees feel. Whether your organization is a large corporation or a small family-run business, we recommend using a visitor management software that will save you time, money and effort knowing exactly who is on-premises at all times.  

Here are the 5 reasons you should be using visitor management software now, and how it can support your business:


1. Save time and minimize error with automation


One of the most important benefits of integrating visitor management software is that it saves time. With systems like HID’s EasyLobby, the visitor check-in process takes less than 20 seconds. This includes notifying employees of a visitor’s arrival, ID scanning and data capture, visitor confirmation and ID badge printing. In one swift and streamlined moment, the entire check-in process is complete, minimizing human error. 


2. Bring security to the next level


Knowing who is on-site at all times increases security right off the bat, yet visitor management software has additional features that improve company security overall: 

Lastly, visitor management software, including the scanning of government IDs, creates a more secure image of your company, keeping criminals weary and employees feeling safe. 


3. Stop Guessing Who’s Checked In


Trying to decipher illegible handwriting is the last thing front desk administrators have time for. In addition, creating reports from spreadsheets or manual check-in logs requires time and effort. With visitor management software, desk administrators can manage and generate reports at will. In only a few minutes they can easily summarize who has been in and out of the building—not only on employees but also visitors, contractors, cleaning personnel, temps and volunteers.


4. Maintain Confidentiality


In today’s data-secure environment, it is important to maintain the confidentiality of those who visit your facility to protect your business as well as your visitors’ privacy. Visitor management software captures data in a number of ways that never reveals who checked-in prior to your guests’ arrival. All information is stored in the visitor software database, secured by your administrator and password protected by your operating system as well as the security features of the visitor management software. 


5. Look More Professional


Nothing says “basic” like a handwritten ID badge, and if you’re reading this, we both know you are looking to find a better way. Level up your company image with ID badge printed credentials and a secure visitor management working in tandem with an access control system. Your front desk is the first impression you will make on guests, including new hires, clients and VIP guests. Make sure you look as professional as possible to get off to a good start!

Find how the benefits of visitor management software can support your organization…

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