Contactless Key Cards

Here are five ways contactless smart cards can help your organization run more intelligently, with greater efficiency and security. 

With the current global health crisis impacting businesses large and small, everything we touch in the workplace becomes a cause for concern. For IT and security teams looking for a better way to secure their premises, a contactless key card system never sounded better. But there are more benefits to contactless RFID cards than reducing the number of surfaces touched to access a building—benefits which can help your organization run more intelligently, and with greater efficiency. 

1. Stronger Onsite Security

Newer hi-frequency contactless key card technology cannot be counterfeited like physical lock-and-key systems or older low-frequency proximity cards. High-frequency smart cards are encrypted and impossible to skim and duplicate. In addition, smart cards can hold different types of data and keep valuable data safe from deletion or theft. While the cost per card can range due to their complexity, the value of truly secure premises outweighs any additional cost of superior technology. 

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2. Greater Visibility & Control

With a contactless smart card system in place, IT and security teams gain visibility and control with electronic data and reporting. Where traditional lock-and-key systems and low-frequency proximity cards only served to open siloed doors, smart cards contain a computer chip programmed with personal information about the cardholder and the access points the individual is allowed to enter. Integrated data and reporting allows management to track who has been where in real-time. 

Smart card technology also allows for more control over the locks themselves; an employee’s key card can be programmed to work only on certain days of the week or times of day. Which locks can be opened by a card can be changed by an administrator in a centralized system easily and at any time. 

3. Impactful Identity Management

Key cards can be customized as employee ID badges. This allows companies to easily identify who is able to be on-premise at a glance. With the use of ID card printers and ID card printing software, smart cards can be quickly designed, personalized and printed in full color with optional security features like holograms, micro text, lamination, and more. 

4. Upgradable and Adaptable

New contactless key card technology enables organizations to integrate much more than access control alone. The same card used to access the office can also clock employees into a timecard system, logical access to computer workstations with multi factor authentication (MFA), and ensure the right people are getting access to proprietary IP. The applications are broad and relevant to a multitude of industries.  

In addition, a smart card is programmable, able to be read by different types of readers or by a multi-technology reader at different locations. Unlike legacy keycards, it is expandable through the addition of new access control panels and readers. 

5. Convenient Key Access

A logistical benefit of contactless key cards is that they can be conveniently accessed and utilized by cardholders. Often, a contactless credential can remain in a purse or pocket and still communicate with a reader. No longer having to fish keys out of a work bag, or remove a magstripe card from a wallet or holder creates greater ease-of-use. In addition, minimizing the repeated wear-and-tear from removing a card from a purse or wallet reduces the toll taken on zippers, garments, and on the key card itself.

Contactless technology can be customized to meet specific needs for greater convenience and security.  High-frequency contactless card technology comes in a variety of credential types like a key fob, card, and sticker. Newer technology like HID Seos even allows a smartphone to be your credential. 

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