Temperature Screening Kiosk

In the weeks ahead, organizations will be creating safe back-to-work procedures in the post-COVID-19 environment and establishing the “new normal”. As we work to ensure safety for employees, visitors, and customers, it will be imperative to identify and monitor everyone who is requesting access to your facility. Relying on a variety of on-premise solutions is vital to the collective health and safety of our communities.

Effective people tracking should include a multi-step screening process and provide reporting that can help management reduce risk from contamination. Here are three ways for businesses can improve their visitor management protocol with safe-back-to-work procedures:

1. Register every person prior to allowing entry

Registration is a fundamental aspect of your safe back-to-work procedures. It means knowing visitors’ full name, address, contact info including email and phone number along with photo capture. Reducing check-in times and increasing automation through touch-less technologies helps administrators get people in the door and reduces frustrations for everyone. This limits crowding in reception and waiting areas, minimizing the risk of infection and anxiety from those waiting to enter any facility. Scanning a visitor’s driver’s license or other government-issued ID can reduce check-in time to a matter of seconds. At the same time, administrators are able to verify every identity with confidence.

Safe back to work protocol

Some visitor management solutions can be fully automated with self-service kiosks. Once a visitor’s ID is scanned the system automatically renders an ID, prints the badge, and registers visitor information into a database. This can all be done in under 20 seconds or even faster if they register online in advance. Using an ID scanner facilitates the rapid input of visitor information without even touching a keyboard. This reduces errors and ensures consistency, all while speeding up the check-in process with reduced contact to the system.

2. Implement Temperature Scanning Solution

With the rising demands for healthy and safe back-to-work procedures, the need to screen employees for illness has increased. Temperature Screening Kiosks accommodate those needs by acting as the first line of defense to your company’s health. With infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, the non-contact kiosks help identify the presence of fever as a symptom of contagious illnesses such as coronavirus. By preventing the spread of viruses, you can maintain a safe and healthy workplace while providing peace-of-mind to anxious staff, students, visitors, and the general public.

temperature screening kiosk

Employee & visitor temperature screening has only become more critical as many state and local governments require back-to-work guidelines and COVID-19 response planning be established. Regulatory and health associations such as OSHA, EEOC and the CDC include temperature screening as an important procedure in facilities now. You can rely on the Temperature Screening Kiosk to produce an accurate temperature reading, offering an effective method for keeping sick persons out of your facility.

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3. Pre Screening for Potential Exposure 

From grocery stores to healthcare facilities, there are posted signs asking citizens to self assess for possible exposure to the coronavirus. As employers ask people to come back to work and the foot traffic increases for visitors and customers, limiting your liability is critical for overall safety and legal concerns.

Most visitor management and access control systems allow the system to incorporate a series of pre-screening questions to capture key information and store for future reporting. This can be implemented in conjunction with a standard release of liability or NDA so that anyone entering your facility is forced to address these important questions.

You should be able to create your own custom protocol for allowing visitors that incorporates the needs of management along with the changing guidelines from the CDC and other authorities. Screening questionnaires can be conducted onsite or implemented prior to arrival with online registration modules. This ensures your staff stays safe along with customers and visitors to any facility.

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