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An organization’s ability to identify its employees, customers, contractors and visitors has never been more important than in today’s security conscious economy. Whether you are considering using ID badges for the first time or have used them for years, there are a number of standard features that every ID card system should include.

Ranging from basic employee ID cards featuring a company logo, employee ID photo and variable text, to highly secure laminated ID cards featuring custom ID holograms, visual security elements and proximity door access capabilities, corporate ID cards serve to protect both your employees and sensitive company data.

Consider creating magnetic name badges, or ID cards containing barcodes or signature panels to your corporate ID cards for added card functionality and security.

The corporate world processes high volumes of information and the data management capabilities of ID Cards used in conjunction with the appropriate photo ID Software can ensure that the maintanance and security of employees and company information remain securely protected and error-proof. Corporate Employee ID Card

Visual verification applications such as holographic foils and overlaminates can be embedded in corporate ID cards or applied directly onto a card surface.

Holograms supply a visual security element, as well as considerably increase card protection against fraudulent ID card duplications. Holographic laminates are incredibly difficult to replicate, especially when they are a custom hologram design and overlaminates can be of an off-the-shelf standard hologram design for the ultimate in ID card security.

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