Time & Attendance

MyTimeAdvantidge offers you all the benefits that come with automating your time and attendance. Additionally, by adding the power of the Internet, MyTimeAdvantidge can offer even more:

No Startup Expense:
No hardware or ID card software installation required, all you need is Internet access.
Pay As You Go:
Since there is no startup expense, you have no capital outlay. No longer do you have to “Wait until it’s in the budget”. Since the MyTimeAdvantidge service is charged on a monthly basis you can try it, if you don’t like it, cancel the service, you only pay for what you use.
No Upgrade Fees:
Have you ever had to ask: “What happens when I go over 2000 employees? Do I have to upgrade my ID card system? Do I have to pay for software upgrades?” With MyTimeAdvantidge the answer is obvious.
We Administer the System:
No need for costly MIS or IT maintenance. MyTimeAdvantidge is hosted in a secure environment. We provide mirrored backup servers, redundant internet connections, UPS power system with backup diesel generators, and 24 hour monitoring.
Rapid Deployment:
You have 20 locations in different states and one in Europe, and you need the system installed by Tuesday, what do you do? With MyTimeAdvantidge we just give you the internet address, installation done.
Immediate Return On Investment:
What’s the bottom line? What do all these benefits mean? With MyTimeAdvantidge, you will save money starting day one. No other system can offer the same results!
  • Automates Attendance Tracking, the Calculation of Employee Time, & Wages and Tracks Exempt Employees
  • Applies Your Pay Rules
  • Supports An Unlimited Number Of Shifts, Pay Categories, Pay Rules, and up to 15 levels of labor distribution
  • Provides Extensive Payroll And Management Reports
  • Runs from your favorite browser
  • Exports Hours Directly To More Than Thirty Popular Third-Party Payroll Providers
  • Supports An Unlimited Number Of Data Collection Terminals
  • 3 Levels of approvals – Employee, Supervisor & Administrator
  • Powerful security configurations
  • Employees can review hours, schedules and benefit balances
  • Real-time management reporting
  • Automated Employee Leave Requests

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