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ID card printers use the latest imaging technologies to print directly onto plastic cards for personalization and are the major component of an ID card system. Today’s card printers use a process called dye sublimation which provides outstanding quality and durability, equal or better than that of photo printers.

Additionally, ID card printers can perform other processes at the time of ID card issuance, such as magnetic stripe encoding, reading a proximity card and even writing to the chip on a smart card. Photo ID software typically manages these encoding properties as well as provides the controls for the data that will be printed onto each card.

If you are considering a card printer for the first time, you should start with the following questions when choosing an ID card printer:

  • Will your cards be single or double sided?
  • Will any computer readable technologies be used? Are your printing barcodes or using other encoding methods, such as magnetic badges, proximity cards or smart cards?
  • Will any security features be needed, such as embedded Foil ID cards or holographic overlays?
  • How long do your cards need to last? Or what core materials are needed and what special features will be used to add durability?

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