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Proximity ID Cards

HID ISOProx II Proximity ID Card

MSRP: $4.95 each

HID Global’s industry standard 26 bit ISOProx II Proximity Cards made of printable PVC material, for use on all access control systems or any other proximity card application!

*Specify site code and start number for programming at time of order.
*50 card minimum quantity purchase.

Card Features:

  • Glossy Printable PVC surface with 0008p
  • CR80 standard credit card size.
  • 30 mil. thickness.
  • 125 kHz proximity.
  • Standard card configuration
  • LGGMN: blank card front and back.

Proximity ID cards used for access control systems seamlessly integrate with existing ID card systems, and can be printed on exactly as if they were ordinary plastic PVC ID cards.

Proximity ID cards are pre-programmed and ultra secure and they need simply to be held near the coordinating proximity card reader for door entry. Proximity cards save time as they don’t need to be swiped or scanned in the entry process, and they can be worn on ID neck lanyards or carried in wallets or pockets, as they are standard credit card sized.

Advantidge is pleased to offer HID and Indala proximity cards. HID is a leader in the secure access industry, featuring a large selection of smart card options used by organizations worldwide. Corporate, educational, and health organizations as well as governmental agencies rely on proximity card technology for the personalization of their secure badges and ID cards.

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